Press Days, Press Days, Press Days….

We have been very busy lately here at Sewn Agency but yesterday injected a little bit of excitement into our day, with numerous press days. The first one on the agenda was hosted by Sane Communications who represent fashion and lifestyle brands, including our very own Happy Sock, Triwa Watches and Glass boutique, who teased with snippets of their fantastic Spring/Summer 2010 collections.

Next on the agenda after a much earned tea break was The Surgery press day, who had out done themselves with some exciting new collection. The highlight of the day was however our very own Won Hundred Spring/Summer 2010 collection, which merited rave, reviews.

All in all the day was very successful with all our brands and Glass Boutique receiving a great reception so expect to see them popping up in favourite glossy magazines very soon.

Say good bye to no one knowing where you got that amazing shirt/skirt/jean/chino… that only you know is WON HUNDRED (shh!) – and hello to Surgery!

Yes we know, we know – the cat is out of the bag.
However not even the most well kept fashion secret can stay a secret forever, sorry folks- we feel it’s time to share WON HUNDRED , our first ever protege here at Sewn– with the rest of the UK.

So, what is probably one of the best brands to come across from Denmark in years (a country possibly better known for their liberal take on err.. newspaper illustrations and streaky bacon) will now be a little bit more visible in the fashion press thanks to PR Agency Surgery, who’s team is a very welcome addition to the ever growing number of fans of this super cool menswear, womenswear, footwear and accessories range.

Won hundred vs. Elephant Magazine

Is Fashion going all arty, or is Art going all “fashion”? Don’t ask us we don’t know, for every Fashion week that steams past we get more and more confused.

-Is that a canvas on your head?
-No it’s a Philip Treacy…

-Is that a very petit studio flat hanging off your hips?
-No it’s an architectural skirt…

-Have you been romancing a Christmas Tree?
-No it’s the new CDG fragrance…

Eternal questions- endlessly entertaining conversations.

Anyway, here to make things a little bit clearer is the brand new and by the sneak preview -very pleasing to the eye-Elephant Magazine. It’s published by Magma Books and with the 1st issue coming out in November it will feature our very own WON HUNDRED which is of course fantastic.
So keep a look out – we’re not just looking forward to this one for the above reason but as you may have understood by the opening sentence of this post -we need this magazine it in our lives NOW!

TRIWA – a gift that keeps on giving and why we couldn’t agree more with Vogue’s November issue.

What’s that in your goodie bag- an everymans Roly Poly? an Audemars Piguet a la Ari Gold?
NO -It’s a TRIWA Lemon Dandy watch!
Well we know they had a whole issue of “arm candy” in this month’s GQ supplement- but we thought rather than battling it out on the same pages as the rest of watch-world, why not give away some of our favourite TRIWA styles to the already spoilt celebs attending the GQ awards? So that’s what we did, we know -there’s no justice in this world. However, the TRIWA Lemon Dandy is slightly more attainable to you and me than your average Swiss time keeper and still seriously stylish at £85 from selected stores accross the UK.

In fact they’re that sweet, they even got featured in this months Vogue-they however chose the “Great White” for the ladies.
Vogued and GQ’d in the same month!? Not bad for this humble Scandinavian accessories brand, see the Vogue feat. below…

April 77 Records in Marie Claire.

If you’ve caught a bit of this seasons fashion flu also known as “Balmainia” (see what we did there) but aren’t quite up for splashing out 1k for a pair artfully destroyed pair of denimes -who is except for La Moss? although hers were probably free.. Anyway if you aren’t that lucky or crazy!? Then you should get yourself hooked up with a pair of these seriously messed up April 77 Records Joeys from ASOS Womens Design section- as prescribed by the October issue of Marie Claire below..

Indian Summer

We’re becoming slightly obsessed with all things Americana and Native American inspired over here at the agency. Well I am, although I’m still to convince Joe and Andy that they will be swapping their Vans, Pointers and NB sneakers for fringe addled moccasins anytime in the near future-but they’ll come around I’m sure. Those Minnetonkas are ever so good when you want to sneak up on people Red Indian style (very handy if you want to scare the hell out of the boss an early Monday morning). How lucky for us then the FW09 April 77 Mainline range is soon to hit stores with it’s Chimayo and Navaho prints, embroidery and woven fabrics. I know it’s blazing hot here today, but in a sick way I can’t help to lust after that Navaho weave wool blanket, and the most amazing Biker style Jacket from the range in the same fabric. I also love the vintage wash denim jacket, when I say vintage I mean DESTROYED. I was told quite a funny store when we were originally presented the range back in January this year in Paris. How Brice – the designer and founder of April 77 and April 77 Records– had found this absolutely ripped to pieces old jean jacket in a vintage store on trip to NYC. He then proceeded to send this to the factory in Japan asking them to come up with something “quite similar”. The sample came back and lo-and -behold it looked practically identical to the vintage piece, holes, rips, filthy stains and all!? When it comes to fashion the Japanese attention to detail never seize to amaze- we’re in awe.


As well as all those Scandinavian and European garms we like to fill up the Showroom with, we would also like to welcome our first British collection on board Stansfield. Some of you may already be familiar with this well thought out Menswear Collection, with it’s roots firmly bound in traditional tailoring and good old fashion workwear. If you’re yet to discover the Stansfield Outfit Project, waste no time in checking out founder and designer Dom’s blog . As you can see he’s quite obessed -which to be honest, in design and fashion is never a bad thing. Stansfield is all about extensive research and clever but never over worked detailing, and we will have a very special new range here in the showroom from September onwards-launching in stores for SS10. We can’t say too much, but there’ll be slight nudges to the Royal Navy and “The Cruel, Cruel Sea”, some great and very British colabs incorporated- and also a new take on how the range is presented…. If you would like to find out more contact us here at Sewn.

Cafe Menswear Magazine Fashion Awards 2009

Not forgetting!!?? Happy Socks just won “Best Accessory Brand” for 2009 at the Cafe Awards in their native Sweden, held by Cafe Mens Magazine– Swedens and one of Scandinavia’s biggest mens Fashion titles-not Bad! Other winners included Johnny Johanssen from Acne for “Best Designer”(quel surprise!? at least we can’t blame the Swedes for being inconsistent…), Common Projects won “Best Sneaker Brand” and “Best Newcomer” went to our friends at Uniforms For The Dedicated, who’s actually doing a flying visit here at the agency next week- so congratulations to Lars & Co from us here in London!! It’s always nice to be in good company. Which funnily enough brings us to TRIWA watches one of our new brands for AW09 -who also won “Best Watch Brand”. See some pics below from the Summer Range.

If you like the look of these super cool timekeepers, and can’t wait to get your hands on one, head down to Sefton Menswear in Islington if you’re in the London area. We’ll tell you a bit more about TRIWA later- in fact keep your eyes peeled for next months GQ mag….

Introduction & Happy Socks

It seems the summer and the first six months here on Brick Lane is coming to an end very quickly. To sum things up we’ve been crazy busy calling, meeting, visiting, emailing, selling to, looking out for and generally spreading the word to people who have developed an interest in the brands we house. As a result the collections onboard have racked up a fair few yards of column inches over the last few months. So after a few cups of tea and a bit of quiet!? reflection, we’ve pulled together some of our favourites- press clippings, events and bits and bobs for you to browse. In the process also not forgetting to give the people who’ve supported us on the way a bit of friendly nudge for the first post of our brand spanking new Sewn Agency Blog

First up is Happy Socks .A dear friend gave us a tip off in Paris during the shows at the end of last year, so we got in contact with these friendly Swedes and simply loved the concept so much that we brought the range to yours truly over here in the UK!
This colourful and easy going sock brand has been a huge hit with fashion buyers, journalists, trendy folk in general and of course those people who simply have an urge to flash a bit of colour -rather than pale hairy legs or those 10 packs of M&S socks bought by your mum at Christmas-enough said.

Since the humble start of Happy Socks in August 2008 they have constantly been popping up in glossy supplements, lifestyle magazines and all over the blogosphere – see here some picks from GQ and Time OutMagazine.
Lately also with the help from our friends at Sane Communications who of course share the love of complementary? off piste? -mens and womens accessories.

To shop for your Happy Socks online, take a visit to our very own Glass Boutique or OKI-NI and they will go pop in your mail box -or visit your local Urban Outfitters . If your feeling a bit breezy round the ankles up north -make a dedicated visit to Oi Polloi in Manchester- you may also end up leaving with a parachute, some head phones, an Italian bike, some Japanese moccasins or a simple and incredibly well made cheque shirt -but we take no responsibility for any of that….